Build the future your heart knows is possible...


    or wait around for someone else to do it for you?


    Now you get to choose...


  • - ABOUT US -

    One way to be vulnerable is to be vulnerable about your invulnerabilities.


    So here's the deal:

    We don't actually know how to create an Expand The Box training in your area. If we did... there would already be an Expand The Box training available in your area.


    All we can do here is share with you the best ways we have so far figured out to create an Expand The Box training.


    From then on we count on you to improve these ways in reality - not just theoretically - and then report back to us so that we can share what you learn with others.


    This is a Winning Happening game. When someone figures out something new and shares it, then everyone benefits. (This is where most of Possibility Management came from... sharing the results from doing real experiments.)


    The only rules are these: Can you do it? Or can't you do it?


    This is life.



    EXPAND THE BOX Training

    Expand The Box is a 3-5 day transformational training in which you become someone new - more you, more on, more there, and more interactive with people, the world, and your future.


    Some people say they divide their life into before and after being in Expand The Box training. Presumably you have already been in an Expand The Box training or you would not be so committed to creating Expand The Box trainings for the people in your area.


    To be clear, our intention as trainers is not to be the great 'Ooompa Ooompa' who flies in, impresses everybody, and flies out again. Our intention is to awaken and enable the local trainer-types to start delivering Possibility Management trainings in your area as soon as possible so as to create a local circle of the the Possibility Management Trainers.


    The term 'local trainer-types' might also refer to you... There seems to be a pattern that the individuals who do whatever it takes to create an Expand The Box training in their area eventually join the Trainer Path and become a PM Trainer.


    We Trainers will visit your area for a while to activate a Local Trainer Circle through Trainer Skills Labs, Trainer Research Labs, personal challenges, inquiry, and coaching, AND... our purpose is to replace ourselves.


    Your local Trainer Circle can then join in the Global Trainer Torus. This is central to the traditions of the Possibility Management gameworld: train-up people to replace yourself.


    Replacing yourself in your position in the PM gameworld equates to taking radical responsibility for using the opportunities that ECCO (Earth Coincidence Control Office) has given you, and frees you up so ECCO can move you to your next job. The fact that it is a tradition in PM to replace yourself means that you do not have to fight to defend your position in the gameworld. Quite the opposite is true. I often tell people, "I have the best job in the world, and you can have my job!" This is one thing that makes PM a cool gameworld.


    The first Expand The Box training was delivered by Clinton Callahan in March 1998 in Hamburg, Germany. This means that Expand The Box training did NOT come from America. It was invented in Europe. Expand The Box has been delivered by many different Trainers for over 20 years, and the training is still evolving. The Expand The Box training is alive.


    Expand The Box and the follow-on trainings called Possibility Labs are now being delivered around the world by a Global Trainer Team of Possibility Management Trainers.


    The point is, Trainers cannot successfully expand into a new area without being 'called' there. We need an invitation and a local coordinator, a Center Manager Team.


    That is where YOU come in.

  • - ABOUT YOU -

    Welcome edgeworker, cultural creative, outrider, evolutionary, riftwalker, gameworld builder, guardian, intimacy journeyer... welcome to helping us source the transformational gameworld of Possibility Management on planet Earth.


    No one can set your purpose for you.

    No one can stop you from setting your purpose.


    What purpose do you want to set?


    If you intend to create an Expand The Box training in your area and share Possibility Management with your community and friends, then we commit to your commitment. This establishes an ecology of interdependence in a Winning Happening game.


    We want to be straight (and also nonlinear) about what this will probably entail for you. So we explain as best we can the PRACTICALITIES involved.


    Then we check your TEAM and STRATEGY and share what we have been learning.


    This includes taking an internal look at your relationship to MONEY. What will it take to create enough space in you to receive?


    Stepping-stones to growing your CIRCLE include building a WEBSITE and producing a monthly NEWSLETTER to feed them with distinctions and possibilities. We give you lots of ideas for these.


    And together we go exploring along our evolutionary PATH.


    Have as much Fun as you can!



    Clinton Callahan

    Anne-Chloé Destremau

    and the global gameworld building Node of the Trainers Infinity Ring.

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  • Agreement between Trainers and Organizers

    PDF to download below and print if needed


    Magic is in the details...


    Once you have made up your mind to create an Expand The Box training in your area (which includes changing your identity from thinking to yourself, "I want to create it..." or, "I should create it...", to "I am an Expand The Box Center Manager"), a stepping-stone pathway of clarifications opens up for you:

    1. Your Team Of Three.
    2. Your strategy components (please click on the YOUR STRATEGY button).
    3. Your time frame - with a signed contract from your venue.
    4. Your tax structure - A. From which business name will official invoices be sent? and, B. In which bank account shall payments be received?
    5. Your prices, sliding scale depending on your local currency.
    6. Your website (please click on the YOUR WEBSITE button).
    7. Your newsletter (please click on the YOUR NEWSLETTER button).
    8. Your Trainers.
    9. Your Team and Trainer Agreement accounting for expenses, registrations, and the dividend after expenses between Center Manager Team and the Trainers.
    10. Your venue - including negotiated food and accommodation / training room prices and policies.
    11. Your calendar dates uploaded to https://possibilitymanagement.org/calendar/.
    12. Your registration procedure and Logistics Letter.
    13. Your post cards (please click on the YOUR POSTCARDS button).
    14. Your Press Releases.

    These practicalities are unfolded below.


    Creating an Expand The Box training in your area involves building out a new part of the Possibility Management gameworld. This means it may helpful to understand more about the Possibility Management gameworld and also more about building gameworlds in general. Such topics are expanded in depth on additional websites because this would be too complex and sophisticated for this small entry. Possibility Management is a next culture gameworld. This means Possibility Management originates in a context that is as different from the modern capitalist patriarchal empire as modern culture is from the nomadic matriarchal tribes roaming on the endless salad bar of Great Mother Earth 100,000 years ago. Possibility Management originates in archearchy, the culture that emerges after matriarchy and patriarchy have run their course. Archearchy gameworlds are non-hierarchical because hierarchies naturally select for psychopathic personality types to rise to the top as psychopaths are best at doing whatever it takes to get power. Archearchy gameworlds use the group intelligence of circular or toroidal power structures such as Torus Technology, M.E.S.S process, and Sociocracy 3.0. You support the values of any gameworld you play in. In archearchy, people choose to create and live in the gameworlds that promote their own values. Anyone playing in an gameworld they do not know the values of is a "Zombie". (By the way... Zombies can heal: see the film Warm Bodies...) Modern culture portrays the lone-wolf single-fighter with a copyrighted lawyer-protected magic formula as the path to success. It can be difficult to shake this strategy. Nonetheless, you will need to.


    Yes, successful gameworlds have been created by the single fighter. The difficulty is for the founder to liberate group intelligence, step down off the control pedestal and join in the gameworld as a member. A team of two often degrades into Box-to-Box combat so that the project dies, or one leaves, or one submits themselves to the other's authority by being adaptive, and then you are back to the lone-wolf. Archearchy suggests a team of three where the third person can tell the other two which one of them is right! Many amazing gameworlds have been built with a team of three, such as Tamera and Findhorn. It was James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay who wrote up the Constitution of the United States of America and the Federalist Papers that convinced the colonies to accept the Constitution.


    Who is in your Expand The Box Team Of Three? These would be people who love the radical responsibility context of Possibility Management and often come together to ecstatically deepen their inherence in and understanding of the context. Deepening the PM context creates a kind of gravity-well that attracts resonant Beings to your Expand The Box seemingly by magic. This strategy of creating a vacuum to attract people who are hungry for the tools, thoughtware, healing and initiatory processes of Possibility Management is a completely different strategy from trying to capture people's attention and manipulate them so they can only say "Yes" and register for a training.


    One of the most powerful and exciting ways to deepen the presence of the Expand The Box training in your area is for all 3 of you to work on the same table simultaneously calling up people in the various Circles in your area and making interesting invitations for them to participate. "Hi Dave, this is Iris. I am here in Takaka. I am calling to make sure you know about the talk and workshop coming next weekend with Clinton and Anne-Chloé about 'How to Create the Community Your Heart Knows Is Possible.'" After each call have a brief coaching session to use your group intelligence to learn how to make the next call even more inviting and interesting. Rapid Learning is High Level Fun!

    2. YOUR STRATEGY (please click on the YOUR STRATEGY button)


    As you get a clearer picture of the PRACTICALITIES and STRATEGIES involved in creating your Expand The Box training you can more accurately assess what resources you already have to hand and which you still need to create. For example, if your Team Of Three already has a combined CIRCLE of 500 or 1000 true fans to whom someone is already sending out a monthly NEWSLETTER you may be able to set a date for your first Expand The Box as early at 3 months from now. On the other hand, if you have not collected together your CIRCLE, if you have no weekly POSSIBILITY TEAM to help you create your WEBSITE, POSTCARDS and other resources, then setting a date at 3 months from now would be naive, and an Expand The Box date set at 10 or 12 months from now might be more realistic. We encourage you to study all the sections of this website handbook with your Team of Three and make a best estimate for your date. Remember however, that until you set a date for your 3-day or 5-day Expand The Box training and make an official reservation at a seminar house who can supply food and housing for your 25 participants, you have only a dream.


    Since some kind of modern-culture currency will probably change hands during your Expand The Box training - currency that you did not create and is therefore a part of someone else's gameworld (e.g. a national bank or treasury) - you will need to play by the rules of engagement of their money gameworld.


    It can be important to figure out ahead of time:

    1. Which legal entity will receive the currencies (e.g. a single individual? a sole proprietorship? an offshore corporation? a not-for-profit cooperative? a church?).
    2. How you are going to receive these currencies (e.g. cash, check, bank transfer).
    3. How you will combine these currencies (e.g. in a bank account - whose bank account?).
    4. How you will account for these currencies (e.g. your TEAM AND TRAINER AGREEMENT - see below).
    5. How you will pay state and federal taxes on these currencies.

    This may sound like a horrifying treacherous bog of unanswerable questions, but there are friendly people around - perhaps even someone on your POSSIBILITY TEAM - with experience and expertise in the small-business gameworld who love figuring these kinds of things out, willing to advise you. Long ago it was said, "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's..." which is common-sense gameworld knowledge. To ignore this wisdom is patently unwise.


    The standardized tuition for either a 3 or 5 day Expand The Box training is a sliding-scale (meaning that the exact amount paid is determined by the participant themselves based on perceived value received) of 650 Euros to 950 Euros which includes local taxes, but does not include overnight or food costs. This amount is not converted to an equal amount in other currencies.


    For full-time residents in various countries we use a 3 Tier Pricing Plan:

    • RED TIER - Countries such as North-Western European countries, Canada, USA. The tuition for the first Expand The Box is a sliding scale 650-950 Euros. The investment for the second ETB is 400 Euros, third ETB is 200 Euros, fourth ETB 100 Euros, from fifth ETB on, 0 Euros. The tuition for the Possibility Labs is a sliding scale 650-950 Euros.
    • BLUE TIER - Countries such as Portugal, Spain, Italy, Poland. The tuition for the first Expand The Box is a sliding scale 450-950 Euros. The investment for the second ETB is 300 Euros, third ETB is 150 Euros, fourth ETB is 75 Euros, from fifth ETB on, 0 Euros. The tuition for the Possibility Labs is a sliding scale 450-950 Euros.
    • YELLOW TIER - Countries such as Brazil, Turkey and Egypt. The investment for the first Expand The Box is a sliding scale 265-950 Euros. The investment for the second ETB is 150 Euros, third ETB is 75 Euros, fourth ETB is 30 Euros, from fifth ETB on, 0 Euros. The tuition for the Possibility Labs is a sliding scale 265-950 Euros.

    This information is extracted from the Possibility Management Trainer Codex as policy, for every Trainer delivering ETB and Possibility Lab around the world.

    6. YOUR WEBSITE (please click on the YOUR WEBSITE button)

    7. YOUR NEWSLETTER (please click on the YOUR NEWSLETTER button)


    The Possibility Trainer Georg Pollitt is your contact person if you want advice for which Possibility Trainers are available for International Trainings. He coordinates the flow of Trainer mojo.


    Georg Pollitt can be reached at <georg at harbigarr dot ch>


    Here is an Excel file of the actual Workshop Calculation Sheet between an Organizer and the Trainers for a workshop in Germany. Perhaps you can download it, change the names and fill in the information for your own Expand The Box trainings accounting purposes.


    And here is a downloadable PDF of the standard Agreement Between Trainers and Training Organizer from 2017-07-21 which we think is still in use.


    The customary split between Organizers and Trainer goes like this (after subtracting expenses such as transportation, overnight costs, food costs, room rental, and sundries such as postage, flip-chart paper, or printing from the income):

    • Talks and Workshops: Organizers: 50% Trainers: 50%
    • Expand The Box trainings (3 days or 5 days): Organizers: 30% Trainers: 70%
    • Possibility Labs (3 days or 5 days): Organizers: 20% Trainers: 80%

    10. YOUR VENUE

    Here is a downloadable PDF file describing Room and Meal Logistics for your Expand The Box training. This will help you communicate with the venue owner and help you choose the venue. Pricing of the venue will vary from country to country and venue to venue.


    Try to get a venue that will include any fees for the training room rental fees in with the sleeping room rentals and any food catering fees so that the room rental fee is not an added cost for you.


    If you sign a contract with the venue BE SURE TO MAKE THE EFFORT TO READ AND CLEARLY UNDERSTAND THE IMPLICATIONS OF EVERY DAMN WORD OF IT, particularly with regards to their cancellation fees policies, their reservation deposit policies, their cleaning deposit policies, and their deposit-refund-penalty-dates and policies. If you disagree with any word of the contract, do not sign the contract. Instead, meet personally with the venue owners and negotiate legal changes in the contract.


    A seamless and easy process for getting your Expand The Box dates and registration contact information, or other talk, workshop, Study Group, Possibility Team, Rage Club, and training dates onto the https://possibilitymanagement.org/calendar/ has not yet been achieved.


    We have no website interface team yet. If you are interested in supporting the Possibility Management gameworld by providing our website management services this could be delightful. If you are kind and gentle, please provide Georg Pollitt <georg at harbigarr dot ch> with your ideas or ask him for help with these things.


    You will need to design a simple responsive registration procedure for people to follow so that both you and they feel secure that they have reserved a seat for themselves at your Expand The Box training.


    Your WEBSITE should explain these steps clearly for interested people. Perhaps they write or call you announcing their intentions. Then you send back a LOGISTICS LETTER to them as in this sample downloadable PDF. We encourage you to clearly specify when and how they should pay their tuition, food costs, and room costs, when they should arrive and depart, what they need to bring, etc.

    13. YOUR POST CARDS (please click on the YOUR POSTCARDS button)


    Almost every local paper and many online and printed specialty magazines need 'filler.' They make their money from paid advertisements and subscriptions, BUT! they (secretly) depend on having a backlog of interesting little announcement articles - filler - to insert around their advertisements as 'the news.'


    Write your Press Release as a short announcement (usually less than 300-500 words) written in full sentences, interesting sentences that answer the questions: Who? What? When? How? Why? Where? and How much? 


    Your filler announcement Press Release DOUBLES IN VALUE when you supply one or two simple, clear, high-contrast, inspiring, action photos for them to print along-side the announcement. One photo can be of the speaker or speakers. The other photo can be of the work in action, for example rage work, pushing hands, pushing shoulders, two people in the Box is Optional process, breaking carrots, etc.


    Here is a sample Press Release that attracted a radio interview in New Zealand. A few example Press Release photos are below.



    It has become obvious to us that a multidimensional attraction approach works best. The idea is to create many kinds of exciting doorways through which people can discover the existence and beneficial use of the tools, thoughtmaps, processes of Possibility Management. Why? Because each individual is unique. Not only are they unique in their personality, they are also at a unique place along their evolutionary Path. Opening a wide variety of doorways welcomes a wide variety of participants.


    What do we mean by 'multidimensional'? We mean that by opening many shapes and locations of doorways, you have a better chance of welcoming those people who are looking for what Expand The Box training has to offer even if they do not know how to ask for what they want.


    Not only that, but we have noticed that most people perceive that registering for Expand The Box training is a huge step to make from the perspective of their ordinary life. By offering many opportunities with a lower threshold of challenge, people can make 'baby-steps' towards registering for Expand The Box.


    Baby-steps that already exist and have proven to be rewarding and successful include:

    1. Give public talks and work-talks (a talk in which you do some exercises with people).

    2. Give private talks to other circles and groups.

    3. Give public workshops, half-day, one-day, two-day. For examples of which subjects are popular for workshops check out: Possibility Management Workshop Calendar

    4. Weekly Study Group - reading, discussing, and doing experiments from books such as Directing The Power Of Conscious Feelings, Radiant Joy Brilliant Love, or from the S.P.A.R.K.s (Specific Practical Applications of Radical Knowledge) which are available through http://sparkexperiments.org, or from articles written by Possibility Managers such as: Nicola Nagel, Patrizia Patz, Lisa Kuchenmeister, Georg Pollitt, or Clinton Callahan.

    5. Weekly Rage Club: http://rageclub.mystrikingly.com

    6. Weekly Possibility Team: http://possibilityteam.mystrikingly.com

    7. Deliver Single Coaching sessions as a Possibility Coach: http://possibilitycoaching.mystrikingly.co,m

    8. Deliver Single Emotional Healing sessions as a Feelings Practitioner: http://feelingspractitioner.com

    9. Write relevant inspiring articles and publish them online such as at http://medium.com, http://opednews.com, or http://academia.edu.

    10. Make explanatory videos demonstrating how Possibility Management tools and techniques work in action and posting them at YouTube or Vimeo.

    11. Make legendary actions, for example, set up two or four chairs downtown in the shopping zone, at flea markets, weekend markets, fairs and festivals, with a sign that reads APPRECIATION CHAIR, or POSSIBILITY CHAIR, or COMPLAINING CHAIR, and sit across from whoever sits there and thoroughly appreciate their qualities of Being, or give them linear and nonlinear possibilities, or challenge them to outRAGEous complaining (secret Rage Club, Dragon Speaking, Stellating anger).

    12. Save up and bulk order 10 or 20 copies of Directing The Power of Conscious Feelings, or Radiant Joy Brilliant Love, then sneak them onto bookstore shelves in the appropriate section. When someone buys the book, the cashier won't automatically see the price, but the price is easily found with scanning the bar code on the book cover. Since the book has already sold they will want to ro-order the book for the next customer, and suddenly the book will be in their system. Also leave books at cafés, youth hostels, and giveaway libraries.


    By doing most or all of these things with your your Center Manager team you open many doorways and rapidly build your local Circle.

  • - YOUR MONEY -

    Expand The Box is not about money, yet making it happen involves money.

    What's with you and money?

    How much cash do you have in your wallet right now?


    C'mon... How much is in your wallet?


    Yes. Please stop reading and count it now before you read further.

    I'll wait for you while you count it...


    How much cash are you currently carrying around with you?


    Some people carry up to 5$ or 10$.


    Some people carry up to 50$.


    If this is you, then you are probably existing in an overwhelming world of fear and scarcity.


    This means that, in order to continue to be yourself (to keep your Box the same...) it is not possible for you to receive more than 50$.


    You are unconsciously keeping your energetic mouth sewed shut so you cannot receive an abundance of cash.


    If you multiply 25 fully paid Expand The Box participants by the minimum $650 tuition, that comes to $16,250... plus their food and lodging costs... How are you ever going to make space in your Being to receive that much money?!?!?#%


    If you do not make that space in you, for real, then you are blocking people from enrolling in your Expand The Box training.


    Is it any wonder that you are creating an Expand The Box with 6 or 8 participants instead of and Expand the Box with 30 participants, or 50 participants? Expand The Box training is designed to be delivered to 50 participants at a time. How are you blocking people from expanding their Box?


    By not expanding yours?


    What can you do about it?


    Here is an experiment to try. From today on, carry at least $500 cash in your wallet. Yes, at least $500 cash. Really. Wherever you go.


    Ask your fear right now to tell you why you have resistance to doing that. It will probably tell you something like: "I might lose my wallet." How often have you lost your wallet in your life? Is there valid evidence to support your story that you might lose your wallet? Probably not.


    Or your fear might say, "Someone might steal it from me." How often have people stolen money from you in your life? Is there valid evidence to support the story that someone might steal your cash from you? Probably not.


    And even if you lost your wallet or someone did steal cash from you, is that any reason to live your life in such scarcity? Especially if your scarcity is blocking people from accessing the thoughtware upgrade initiatory benefits of Expand The Box training?


    Think about it...


    Then try something different.


    By the way, carrying $500 cash in your wallet is worth 3 Matrix Points in the StartOver.xyz game (Matrix Code CR8ETB.001).


    Alice went down the rabbit hole... because she was an explorer... and because there was a rabbit hole.

    Many explorers hunt for high quality rabbit holes now.

    Build your rabbit hole and some will find it.

    If you don't build your rabbit hole, you assure that no one can find it.


    In order to create an Expand The Box training in your area your part of the Possibility Management gameworld needs a doorway, an entrance where people can explore what you are offering to them. This is what your website is for. Your website is a rabbit hole for people to fall into and explore as part of their evolutionary adventure.


    What is your offer? What are you inviting people into?


    Make it clear and simple, colorful and exciting to explore.


    Your website is a full-color brochure for your offerings that is available to anyone in the world for free instantly, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. It provides clear answers to: Who? What? When? How? Why? Where? and How Much? Through your website an interested person can contact your Team with questions or register for your event.


    You never made a website before? No problemo! You can literally create a beautiful efficient free website online in less than 5 minutes from http://strikingly.com. There are many additional free website-building platforms online, so you have no valid reason to not build a website for your Expand The Box training before next Sunday. The only thing you have to sacrifice is the debilitating story you may be holding about yourself that you are not a website builder. Balderdash!


    Below are samples of other people's websites that you can use as models for your own website. You can copy their design and any of their text. This is because the gameworld of Possibility Management is copy left. It cannot be copyrighted. It is all open code thoughtware.



    In addition to the Center Manager Teams repesented by the websites examples shown in the YOUR WEBSITE section, there are people around the world who have created or are working on creating Expand The Box and other Possibility Management trainings in their area who do not yet have a website up. If you want to connect with them to ask for their ideas and suggestions or if you want to be part of their Team (for example, to help them get their website up...) please contact them directly.

    1. Brazil, Florianopolis - Hans Keeling (WhatsApp +1 415 272 3069)
    2. Brazil, Rio de Janero - Joana Ribeiro (WhatsApp +351 916 475 503)
    3. Egypt... Team forming now.
    4. England / Scotland - Vera Luisa Franco <veralfranco at gmail dot com> and Tabea Thompson <tkrolzik at gmail dot com>
    5. Germany, Düsseldorf - Sabaha Sehic-Schluff <info at praxkon dot com>
    6. Holland - Rowena Van Doorn (rowenavandoorn at gmail dot com), Hanna Koppenaal (hannakoppenaal at icloud dot com), Monique Wijn (moniquewijn2 at gmail dot com), Rens Van Meegen (rensmeegen at gmail dot com), Iris Savonije (em dot savonije at gmail dot com)
    7. Italy - Arianna Artioli <aria at bluewin dot ch>
    8. Japan - Echan Deravy <echanderavy at gmail dot com>
    9. Poland, Wroclaw - Maciej Antkowiak <maciej dot antkowiak at gmail dot com>
    10. Portugal - Joana Cruz <joanadebritocruz at gmail dot com>
    11. Portugal - Yorgos Aenaos <yorgoathis at gmail dot com>
    12. USA, Florida - Jennifer Dominguez <jenvest44 at mac dot com> and Mia Glick <miaglick at icloud dot com>
    13. USA, Oregon, Eugene - Phyllis Goldman <minkles_2000 at yahoo dot com>
    14. And if you know of other existing Possibility Management centered websites to show here please let me know (clinton at nextculture dot org).

    A circle has no end...

    but it does have a beginning.


    Your circle starts when you make a database and name it your Circle.


    Your Circle is in a database.

    Your database.

    Your database lists people's names, email addresses, and phone numbers.

    If someone is not in your database they are probably not in your Circle.


    Where do your Circle people come from? They come from meeting you and wanting to stay in touch with you to learn about what you are learning about. They want to be part of your journey.


    This means it is important to keep doing High Level Fun things where you can meet like-minded people. That's not so bad, is it?




    Meeting people happens in person, physically, face to face, not online in social media.

    If you do not believe me about this then you will be shocked and possibly dissapointed when no one shows up at the public talk you advertised as a Facebook Event even though 40 people clicked that they were interested in coming.


    The number of Facebook clickers who actually show up at events can be counted on the fingers of one foot.


    Instead of spending your time making Facebook events and posting there, go around and connect with flesh and blood people, face to face. It is simple and amazing. It goes like this.


    1. Say, "Hi!" Smile at them. Walk a bit closer. Say, "I think you are looking at the right person."
    2. Ask what they are creating lately. Listen as a space for a couple of minutes.
    3. Tell them one experiment you are excited about, what edgework you are trying.
    4. Ask if they would like to stay in touch with you.
    5. If they say yes, then ask for their name and email address. Type it into your database.
    6. Move on. Moving on is Legend Making. You may feel strange not hanging around and flirting, or being nice, or being adaptive to their unconscious Box and unconscious Gremlin activities... So consider this part of your conscious Asshole Training.


    Here is a sample EXCEL database: CLINTONS CIRCLE 

    I just made it on my computer. It took me 5 minutes, and I am no expert in this.


    If I can make a database, you can make a database.


    Feed this simple database into a free online newsletter generating program such as MailChimp.

    Suddenly you are on your way to feeding your Circle with energetic cool stuff!


    Yes! Your main job is to feed your Circle with energetic cool stuff!


    It is important to feed your Circle very regularly with little snacks of cool stuff.


    A simple monthly newsletter from you is sufficient to feed your Circle and keep them healthy and strong. (Click on the YOUR NEWSLETTER button for more info.)


    Another name for 'circle' is 'community of practice'.


    There is a global ecology of circles, an organic meshwork of interconnected gameworlds, all serving the evolution of consciousness on planet Earth.


    The Law of Emergence says that by exchanging value through critical connections with other Circles (other communities of practice...) you generate a field of influence that amplifies the emergence of next culture.


    Other Circles are also hungry for distinctions, experiments, and authentic adulthood initiatory processes that build matrix in the energetic bodies of their people to support evolution. The people may be quite hungry for evolution even if they do not articulate it with clarity.


    Here is what you do:

    1. Call up the spaceholders directly.
    2. Connect with them personally.
    3. Ask what they are creating.
    4. Provide clarity and possibilities for what they are creating.
    5. Offer to meet with their people to provide some tools and demonstrations at their next meeting.
    6. Be sure you have POSTCARDs with you to drop them off so people can connect with your WEBSITE.

    If you can provide the Spaceholders and participants in other Circles with energetic food they will be grateful and interested in further collaborations.


    What we have found is that many Circles already exist in your area that have a context with resonance to the context of Possibility Management. This resonance of purpose automatically makes us friends... brothers and sisters in fact.


    If you reach out to these Circles by personally connecting in with their people, attending their meetings, asking relevant nonlinear questions, being authentically curious, providing clarity and possibility whenever and wherever you can, you open the door to collaboration.


    With consistency, you also build an appetite in their people for the distinctions and tools of Possibility Management. This feeds their Circle and builds your Circle. The people in their Circle are already hungry for what your upcoming Expand The Box training has to offer them. This is exciting news for them!


    Some of the Circles that we have already found who are deeply resonant to the context of Possibility Management are:

    1. Art of Hosting by Peter Merry, Tim Merry etc.: http://www.artofhosting.org/
    2. Co-Counseling by Harvey Jackins: https://co-counselling.info/en/wiki/co-counselling-sites-worldwide
    3. Dragon Dreaming from John Croft: http://www.dragondreaming.org/
    4. Global Ecovillage Network founded by Robert Gilman, Ross Jackson: http://ecovillage.org
    5. Network for a New Culture originally from Zegg Community: https://www.nfnc.org/
    6. Nonviolent Communication (NVC) from Marshall Rosenberg: https://www.cnvc.org/
    7. Open Space Technology by Harrison Owen: http://www.openspaceworldmap.org/
    8. Parent Effectiveness Training (PET) etc. from Thomas Gordon: http://www.gordontraining.com/
    9. Re-Evaluation Counseling by Harvey Jackins: https://www.rc.org/
    10. Transactional Analysis from Eric Berne: https://www.itaaworld.org/about-itaa
    11. Transition Town Movement by Rob Hopkins: https://transitionnetwork.org/
    12. Zegg Forum from Ina Meyer-Stoll and Achim Ecker and others: https://www.zegg-forum.org/en/
    13. World Café by Juanita Brown: http://www.theworldcafe.com/
    14. Local bookstores often have reading circles and offer places for talks and workshops, so providing a lively talk at the bookstore from one of the Possibility Management books can be rewarding for everybody.
    15. Anyone interested in the Radical Honesty books or trainings by Brad Blanton: https://www.radicalhonesty.com/
    16. Anyone interested in the books or talks by Charles Eisenstein: https://charleseisenstein.org/
    17. Anyone interested in the books or talks by Daniel Wahl: http://danielchristianwahl.com/
    18. Anyone interested in the books or trainings of Gaia Education: https://gaiaeducation.org/
    19. Anyone interested in the books or films by Helena Norberg-Hodge: https://www.localfutures.org/
    20. Anyone interested in the work or trainings by Robert Gilman of Context Institute: http://context.org
    21. Anyone interested in the books or talks by Stephen Jenkinson: https://orphanwisdom.com/
    22. Anyone interested in the 1 Million Women movement to stop climate change: https://www.1millionwomen.com.au/
    23. Many people interested in the 350.org movement, the Story of Stuff movement, AVAAZ (with 40 million members...), Pachamama.org, Extinction Rebellion, and other movements are also hungry to attend your Expand The Box training if you would only let them know about it!

    The suggestion is to immediately and often meet with any of these groups in your area. When you share yourself with them, in addition to making new edgeworker friends, you will automatically build your Circle with more people interested in your newsletter.



    As we mentioned above, your main job is to feed the people regularly (at least every month) with a newsletter.


    We recommend the following 5 nutrients be included in each of your newsletters:


    1. Your NAME, or the name of your newsletter.


    2. A PHOTOGRAPH. Get used to making a lot of photographs. Try to avoid using canned photographs that someone else took. Believe it or not your people can tell the difference. They are not interested in something you download from the internet. They are interested in your photographs. Canned photographs taste like SPAM. Using canned photographs does not put you at risk. Every photograph that you share from your own camera was taken through your perspective of what you sense as beautiful, interesting, important, funny, wild, strange, colorful, educational, etc. Your photo is you. Share you.


    3. A DISTINCTION with matrix-building EXPERIMENTS to try, such as is provided in a S.P.A.R.K. (Specific Practical Applications of Radical Knowledge) written by Clinton Callahan. All existing S.P.A.R.K.s are available for free online through http://sparkexperiments.org as PDF files for easy download. You can attach any of these S.P.A.R.K.s to your newsletter. In English there are already 190 S.P.A.R.K.s written. If you send out one S.P.A.R.K. per week with your newsletter there are enough S.P.A.R.K.s for 4 years of newsletters... if once a month then there are enough for 15 years! ...and by then there will be another 190 S.P.A.R.K.s written! The 'food' part of your newsletter could also include one of the 122 WAYS TO CREATE ORDINARY RELATIONSHIP, extracted from Radiant Joy Brilliant Love.


    4. An invitation to be with you at your upcoming events. This can be an invitation to your Study Group, your Possibility Team, your public talk, your Possibility Coaching sessions, to join you in an experiment you will do, on a journey to the flea market searching for archetypal lineage artefacts, on an adventure through the sewer system of the city, exploring local antiquariat searching for secret knowledge in old books, to a cultural museum to study indigenous initiatory processes, to a Pakistani supermarket to find foods you never tried before and cook a meal together, to the airport to fly drones, to New England Style Country Dances, etc.


    5. Contact info so people can call or write to you.


    There are many free newsletter-sending platforms available to you online. We have been using http://mailchimp.com, where you are allowed to send out a newsletter to up to 2000 names per day, limited to 12,000 names per month. By following their online instructions you can upload your Circle database and connect it to the newsletter that you format online, and then with one click, send it out...


    We highly recommend that you triple-check your links and dates before making that final click...


    1. Viva Essenza - Nicola Nagel (English and German)
    2. Aufbruch Trainings - Dagmar Thürnagel and Michael Hallinger (German)
    3. Follow Your Calling - Patrizia Patz (English and German)
    4. Möglichkeitenraum - Michaela Kaiser and Michael Pörtner (German)
    5. Katharina Kaifler (German)
    6. General Memetics - Anne-Chloé Destremau, Clinton Callahan and Team (English)
    7. Possibility Management - from the Possibility Management Trainer Team
    8. ...there are many more. Find them at https://possibilitymanagers.mystrikingly.com/#possibility-managers

    How many people are looking for what you have already found? Each one is a new potential friend. How can you find each other?


    A fun way to litter is to leave your postcard-sized contact cards wherever you go. Phone booths, restaurant toilets, park benches, every café table you sit at, movie theaters, health food stores, meeting places, train stations, backpacking stores, youth hostels, pensions, used book stores, slip them inside of your favorite books at bookstores for future readers to find, Saturday markets, flea markets, pass them out at next culture festivals and Renaisance fairs, craft shows, ecovillages, transition towns, other workshops, meetups... your imagination can take it from here.


    Think what a magical experience it will be when someone finds one of your cards and as a result discovers Possibility Management!


    Each card you leave somewhere is a hint, a tiny doorway into the initiatory processes that have made such a difference in your own life. Why keep it a secret? Why not leave clues behind so people can discover where you have gone? These cards are an invitation to something cool that you could always carry with you in your pocket or purse.


    If only one person attends your Expand The Box training due to the cards it would more than pay for all the cards you might give away.


    There are many fine cost-friendly online card-printers available to you, for example: http://wir-machen-druck.de.


    Each print company requires that you format your artwork in a specific way, including files formatted as .jpg or .pdf or .png, Kilobytes, pixel size,etc. They will clearly specify this online.


    You can have your cards delivered to your door in a few days.


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    Something Completely Different From This Is Possible Right Now


    broken image

    Something Completely Different From This Is Possible Right Now


    broken image

    Learn to create Intimacy


    broken image

    Learn to create Intimacy


    broken image

    Learn to create Possibilities


    broken image

    Learn to create Possibilities


    broken image

    Learn to cause Change


    broken image

    Learn to cause Change


    broken image

    Learn to cause Change in New Zealand


    broken image

    Learn to cause Change in New Zealand


  • - YOUR PATH -


    If you were already a person who could create an Expand The Box training in your area it would already be happening there.


    In order for the Expand The Box training to happen you will need to become different.


    Let us say that again. Creating an Expand The Box training, or a series of talks, workshops, Study Groups, Possibility Teams, Rage Clubs, Expand The Box trainings, Possibility Labs, and Trainer Skills Labs for your community, your village, your town... for Gaia... handling the details, regularly sending out your newsletter, will change your life... probably for the better.


    Every real commitment changes your shape. Becoming a Possibility Management Center Manager is a decision and a commitment that changes your shape.


    Your new shape will cause the Universe and ECCO (Earth Coincidence Control Office) to interact with you in new ways that were not possible before when you had your old shape.


    The field of Possibility Management is transformational. The other people involved in co-creating Possibility Management have a new shape too. Getting to know Trainers, other Center Managers, and training participants from around the world will again add new dimensions and qualities to your life.


    On the one hand all this change and expansion is wonderful. It is nearly miraculous that you have the power to unfold a new future for yourself to such a degree starting right now.


    On the other hand... change is change, and - as you might already have experienced by now - change happens through Liquid States in one or more of your 5 Bodies. These evolutionary expansion processes may not always (ever...) be comfortable. The thing is, you won't ever come to the end of them. A circle never ends. An evolutionary life is exciting.


    Welcome to the evolutionary gameworld of Possibility Management.


    Please let us know if you have any questions or comments. We are all in this together, and anything we can do to make you more successful in creating an Expand The Box training in your area helps us all deliver our Archetypal Lineage's services for making the world a better place for everyody.


    By the way... creating your first Expand The Box training or your first Possibility Lab in your area earns each person on your Center Manager Team 21 Matrix Points in the StartOver.xyz free-to-play massively-multiplayer online-and-offline matrix-building personal-transformation game!


    You can join the game and register your Matrix Points here: StartOver.xyz.

    Create your first Expand The Box training (Experiment Number CR8ETB.002)

    Create your first Possibility Lab (Experiment Number CR8ETB.003)

  • - HOW LONG? -


    This is a valid question that invites us to make a wild estimate.


    Assuming you have no personal circle and are not sending out a newsletter yet and have no website and are not already connected in with other related circles... still needing to create all the practicalities... creating a 25 participant Expand The Box training in your area could reasonably take you a full year.


    Depending, of course, on your mana.


    You could prove us wrong...


    And, now that a draft of a strategy is laid out here in this website, you have a head start!


    The point is that feeling inspired to create an Expand The Box training in your area is no small thing. Neither is it an accident. Probably taking on this gameworld-building challenge which has the potential to help so many people grow up and engage life at a higher level is a significant step along your path.


    The path itself... never comes to an end.


    Thank you for becoming you.

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    ...the Possibility Management gameworld is circular.